Jamie Haller’s shoes and clothing epitomize casual luxury. They elevate the everyday with iconic silhouettes that define a modern woman’s casual wardrobe.

The Thong in Cognac on body standing

Handmade in Italy with intention.

Bespoke construction envelops the foot and offers a glove like fit. A fit and feel you can't unsee.

" I am not a shoe designer who started making clothes. For me, designing clothing is like a coming home to who I have always been. I've been a fashion designer for 25 years. Starting the shoe collection was a beautiful palette cleanser. I needed to stop designing clothing to understand that at my core I am still me. That might not make a ton of sense, but to me it means everything. "

The Ballet Slipper in Navy on women sitting close up

The Ballet Slipper

The signature feel of the Jamie Haller ballet slipper is a feeling you can’t unsee. Your everyday shoe. Made in Italy using Italian Lambskin. The softest, most buttery ballet slipper ever.

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